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StJohn Group Web Development expertly handles all types of web design, development and publishing, from simple "brochure" type sites to sophisticated web sites employing multiple levels of I.T. Integration and dynamic content creation, to graphics, to banners, and e-mail newsletters.

We help traditional businesses face the challenges of moving information to their customers and partners through the digital realm.

In this confusing electronic world, it's easy to be intimidated by the "used car salesman" approach.

SalesmanCan you develop a web site? Of course, you can. You can also build your own store, work on your own car, and design all of your own marketing materials. But if you are smart, you will hire the right people to do the best job at the best value.

Effective web site development requires experience and understanding of many diverse areas, including: marketing, Internet graphics options and limitations, hidden language on your site that search engines will index, the differences and limitations of different browsers and computer platforms, as well as knowledge of the software and coding required to move beyond simple static HTML pages.

Your web developer must qualify you, just like you qualify your customers. If at any time you're feeling rushed into something, better look elsewhere. If your web developer does not know your business or does not know how to effectively communicate your business aspects and advantages to your customers, there will be a learning curve you will pay for one way or another - either in up front costs, or more likely, in costly changes to your web site, after it is completed.

The web development process for StJohn Group's clients is a five-step process called:

The Five Ds
Discovery: Render the essential needs and unique elements of your business - your market(s), your culture, your business proposition, your competition

Definition: Sharpen your core values, focus on the most important deliverable message

Design: Express these values through visual elements, text, ease of use, and intuitive navigability

Development: Refine, test, and hone the message to deliver a cohesive product that saves you time & money - one that you can control and use

Deployment: Bring the concept to action, maintain, and refine the work over time

Without The Five D's, your company is shooting in the dark.

Before you select a web developer, consider this:


Are they qualified? Your nephew might be taking a course in HTML and will build your site for a free car stereo, but will your site look professional? Remember, your site is the only impression some people will have of you. Make it dazzling. It doesn't cost that much more to do it right the first time.

Does the prospective developer listen to and understand your needs and intentions? Communication is EVERYTHING. Do they communicate technical information that is easily understood, or do they seem to lose patience with you after a while? Creating a web site can be an overwhelming process. Hire a developer with whom you have a good rapport and communicates easily.

Have you checked other sites the developer has completed? What do you think of them? Is there diversity of style, or do they all look the same? Does the designer custom create each site or must you select from a list of prepackaged sites?

Have you checked out your competitors' Internet presence? Ask your developer's opinion of them and for suggestions for improving upon what others have already accomplished. Their answers will clue you in to their level of commitment to your objectives.

What is your budget? Remember, a functional web site can reduce your company's costs in many areas. Don't hesitate to allocate the proper resources to get the job done right. But remember, a web site and the marketing behind it is only part of a good, overall marketing plan.

What is the typical cost for the developer's projects? It varies greatly, based on what you want to accomplish and the type of developer you hire. Do-it-yourself (DIY) web pages and web-stores may look like a good deal. But do you have the time and expertise to develop and maintain your site? And, do other sites that used DIY tools look professional?

Careful consideration in choosing a web developer will make the smart decisions needed in this uncharted economy.

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