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Do you already HAVE a web site? Is it WORKING for you?

StJohn Group will begin by analyzing your company and the market(s) you serve. We continue by analyzing your company site through the eyes of a third party - one with marketing street sense, and with the freedom and responsibility to tell it like it is.

We then document recommendations to improve usability, navigability, sales & marketing efficacy, and design as it might affect product sell-through, consumer knowledge transfer, and user comfort level.

The site audit contains three distinct sections: Graphical User Interface (GUI), Content Analysis, and Technical. Each section contains extensive report results of site observations and will contain detailed, comprehensive objective and subjective recommendations.

Each site audit is conducted over a twenty-four hour period — two separate four-hour sessions. Analysis includes, but is not limited to:
* Navigability & usability
* Spelling & grammar
* Clarity of vision and purpose
* Design
* Cross-platform compatibility - Windows, Mac
* Cross-browser compatibility - Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.
* All hyperlinks are checked manually from each page
* Complete test of links and data entry screens on all pages including any online shopping areas are completed up to, but not including, the actual purchase of a product.
* Meta tag title, keywords, descriptions, alt tags
* Search engine rankings, using three subjective key phrases aligned with the site Meta keywords and corporate identity or position. The Top 50 search returns are analyzed on 13 different search engines and directories.

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