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The Internet is simply a bunch of interconnected networks. In recent years, companies have found that creating a private network for internal employees, or Intranet, can dramatically improve communication and productivity inside, and between, departments or divisions.

An Extranet, a network created for communication with and between external parties, (e.g., customers, external sales forces, contractors, etc.) can do the same thing—bringing parties together that need to communicate and exchange information with one another.

StJohn Group expertly creates all types of Intranet and Extranet development, helping businesses with the challenge of moving information to their personnel, customers and partners through the digital realm.

With online project management tools, any company can now significantly increase productivity, speed time to market, and track costing and budgets — especially when your teams are separated by distance, time zones, work cultures, or administrative structures.

Your project teams can access, update, and use critical information quickly and easily. Take your ROI to the bank by dramatically improving team communication, augmenting management's decision-making capabilities to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Anytime/anywhere availability allows your teams to collaborate in real-time and to have instant access to the critical information they need to be successful in every situation.

* Share information and ideas immediately - files, e-mail discussions, project-based task monitoring, etc.
* Save money on printing, telephone, shipping, and labor. Not only will you start saving money immediately by eliminating unnecessary fax, direct mail, telephone, parcel post, materials, express mail and printing costs, but you will save even more by refocusing the many labor hours spent on these tasks to more productive activities.
* Strengthen vital partnerships, connect in real-time to your most important customers, vendors and partners
* Enhance your company image. A professionally designed Intranet or Extranet positions your company on the leading-edge by deploying the latest, most effective technologies to enhance your business and the business of your employees and partners.
* Eliminate obsolescence by using the latest Internet technologies, continually updated without the costs of development, testing, and maintenance.
* Protect your critical information, with secure offsite access to your information. By using a StJohn Group Intranet or Extranet, you're adding layers of security and reliability to your information -- the lifeblood of your business.

There are two types of costs associated with a private network:

One-time setup costs associated with an internal or external network, based on functions your network needs: administrative access and permission setting, file transfer, threaded communications, sign-off and approval, surveying, and e-commerce.

Monthly bandwidth costs are directly related to how many users per month have access to the network, how many actually use it, and to what extent they use it.

A Micronet is a small network consisting of exactly who you want to see a project. One company could have multiple — dozens, hundreds, or thousands — of virtual enclosed networks, each working individually, or tied together as a larger Extranet.

Consider how many teams — separate or interconnected — you work with at any given time.

Then contact StJohn Group to see how easy it is to tie them together for higher productivity.

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