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Save time and money.

Faxing or posting letters is incredibly time consuming and inefficient.

An E-mail Blast campaign is less expensive, and more effective than a postal mailing to your client base.

Increase your marketing productivity with an E-Blast — the fastest, most convenient, cost-effective way to manage communications within your company - or to the world!

StJohn Group will prepare your communication for "blasting" and give you both HTML and plain text versions to use with your e-mail program or your e-mail marketing firm.

Or, have StJohn Group design your personal turnkey, state-of-the-art E-Blast center, with all the management tools to send targeted or broadcast E-Blasts yourself, to exactly the people you want, when you want.

* Web-based - no software or hardware to buy. All your data is accessible from any web browser in the world.
* Import - names, addresses, E-Blasts can be imported from MS Excel files, or CSV or tab delimited text files.
* Export - data can be exported into Excel files for merging with existing databases, or mail merge programs
* Auto-enter data - special buttons in the E-Blast screens allow you to include individualized personalization of your communications so your recipients see only their own data.
* Attachments - easily include documents, graphics, spreadsheets, etc. with any E-Blast you send
* Send Plain text and HTML E-Blasts - advanced E-Blaster automatically selects which version of your message a recipient will see - a plain text or HTML version - depending on the recipient's e-mail program settings

Recent Examples

The Center for Due Diligence Newsletter Monthly newsletter for The Center for Due Diligence presently being sent to more than 40,000 persons in the financial industry.

Artcoustic Loudspeakers
Artcoustic E-mail Blast Newsletter for Danish loudspeaker company Artcoustic. Sent by North American distributor whenever there is a new product or company news.


iSky Panel Systems
iSky Panels E-mail Blast Newsletter from an acoustic panel and LED lighting company in Illinois. Sent by the North American distributor whenever there is a new product or company news.

MCS Marketing
MCS Marketing E-mail Blast Invitation to product training for MCS Marketing, a Florida manufacturer's representative.

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